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North Carolina's wetlands and streams are highly valued natural resources. Wetland and stream habitat types include mountain bogs, Piedmont hardwood forest, mountain hardwood forest, coastal plain hardwood forest, coastal plain savanna, coastal tidal forest, and coastal salt marsh. These biological/geophysical association’s assets are distributed throughout the state.

Perry Management recognizes the importance of these natural resources and has worked hard to restore and preserve them through mitigation projects across the state. In 1998, Perry Management partnered with Environmental Bank and Exchange (“EBX”) to create EBX Neuse I, LLC. Since then, EBX Neuse I, LLC has developed over 30 mitigation projects in North Carolina producing over 30 miles of stream restoration/preservation mitigation, over 1,700 acres of wetland restoration/preservation mitigation, over 100 acres of buffer mitigation and over 275,000 lbs of nutrient offset mitigation.

If you would like more information on our services in this area of land development, please contact our eastern office in Kinston or our central office in Raleigh.

For general information on Wetland, Stream, Buffer and Nutrient Offset Mitigation Projects, please look at our EBX web page: Ecosystems Markets FAQs. For an example of a typical EBX Neuse I, LLC’s Wetlands and Stream Mitigation Project (Cox Wilkins Flyer) EBX Neuse I, LLC currently has Wetland, Stream, Buffer and Nutrient Offset Credits available for sale.

For more information please contact Martin Hovis by email at or by phone at (919) 829 9909.

To Download Flier for Cox Wilkins Click Here.